Cabot Rea, a local TV newscaster here in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the best news guys in the city. But man, do his Facebook updates leave something to be desired.

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With all due respect to Mr. Rea, I don’t know how he expects anyone to read such a thick block of status update copy. Especially when that update is competing for attention with thousands of other posts in the Facebook News Feed.

Plus, if you look at Cabot’s post engagement, very few of his 600 Facebook followers are clicking “like” or commenting on his posts. And that is crucial to improving your Facebook page’s EdgeRank!

That said, here are a few ways you and Cabot Rea can improve your Facebook status updates.

Clear, Concise Status Update Copy

Keep your Facebook status updates to just a few sentences. As I said above, your post is going head to head with all the other storytellers on Facebook. Pepsi Throwback does a great job at keeping their Facebook status update copy fun and to-the-point.

Facebook Status Update Copy

If you have to post long copy (i.e. your brand won’t let you get away with posting anything less than a few sentences) space the copy out so it doesn’t look so dense.

Facebook Update Tips

ProTip: To avoid having your Facebook status update copy hidden by the dreaded “See More” button, write no more than four spaced paragraphs of text.

Calls to Action to Click Like or Comment

Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm monitors how often each user clicks or comments on a page’s status updates. The more a user interacts with a page’s posts, the more likely it is that user will see the page’s posts on a daily basis.

In other words, you want your followers to engage with your status updates so they see them as much as possible.

Don’t be ashamed to directly ask for the like.

And if you want comments, ask a good question. Just make sure it’s something your fan base will want to answer. For example, don’t ask a question about mountaineering to a page of people interested in basket weaving.

Use a Photo or Video

The EdgeRank algorithm likes photo and video updates much better than text-only updates. So when applicable, use… a photo or video! It will increase the hang-time of your status update in the Facebook News Feed and entertain the heck out of your followers.

ProTip: When pasting a YouTube link in your page’s status update box, a video link preview will auto-generate. If necessary, edit the video title and teaser copy so it looks more professional and engaging. See below:

Have any other Facebook status update tips? Tell me in the comments!


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